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We never considered massage an essential part of our routine. But ever since we started working with Coleman, we cannot live without him. We have him regularly scheduled and look forward to each week. We have also gone to the extent of having him join us on vacation when we travel! He simply is amazing and beyond adequate description.
I also utilize Coleman in my company for our corporate employee perks and social parties. We have an intense and sometimes stressful work schedule that has people doing work at their desk for hours on end. There is nothing like a midday 15 minute massage for our key people to get them re-energized and back to performing at their best. Our employees love Coleman and he is like gold to us.

Eric Knopf
CEO Webconnex


Eric Knopf

CEO, Webconnex

Coleman has the ability to transform our space and mood into a relaxing state when he comes for employee massages. Many employees enjoy his presence along with the chair massage and usually request as much time as they can get with him!

Deanna Dominguez

Human Resources, Case Manager, Jackson Laboratory

Coleman has been providing therapeutic treatment for my husband and me for three years. His skills and vast knowledge of human anatomy is what makes him an invaluable CMT. For several years, I suffered from frequent migraines, for which I took prescription medication. Coleman’s treatments have significantly reduced the frequency of the migraines, and I no longer need to take medication for the migraines. Coleman also treats me for injuries I sustained in an auto collision. His professionalism and high ethical standards prompted me to seek rehabilitative treatments for my daughter’s sport injuries. Coleman is, without a doubt, the best CMT for my family and me.

Greg and Christina Kitamura

Coleman Phillips is a miracle worker! I had thrown my back out and could hardly walk, so my husband and I called Coleman over for an in-home visit. He knew exactly what to do and I was back to being active in no time. He is incredibly professional, personable and talented. I always leave our sessions feeling amazing. So much so, that we have recommended him to a number of our friends who now work with him as well. My company even gifts his services to our local clients as a way of showing our appreciation.

Ashley Mellott

Director Of Awesome First Impressions, Webconnex

The Hartford employees look forward to Coleman coming to the office so they relinquish their pent up stresses from daily life and work. It really is ten minutes of bliss for our employees. Coleman is completely professional and is very client oriented and we look forward to the times he comes in.

Lisa Bailey

Emergency Mgr. & Fleet Admin., The Hartford

Coleman Phillips has been our massage therapist for over three years. I have fibromyalgia which Coleman has helped me tremendously with. He is very knowledgeable in many different types of massage which is very useful to me. One week something may work and the next week it may not. So it is important to me to have a therapist that can try many different types of massage. I have been to many different massage therapists over the years (I would say over 30) and I would put Coleman in the top category. I have been to several therapists where the entire session was nothing but their elbows in my back. That is not the case with Coleman. He can use deep pressure with his hands which leaves me relaxed and not bruised. Coleman also asks during the session if the pressure is adequate of which I appreciate. My husband also uses Coleman for his massage therapist. My husband is in construction and his back is always tight. Coleman has effectively worked on him to loosen the back muscles, shoulders, and neck. Coleman utilizes deep tissue, sports therapy, and therapeutic massage for the both of us. Coleman is very professional with his massage and always makes one feel comfortable. He is also punctual. We have come to really appreciate Coleman and we always look forward to our Friday night sessions.

Thank you Coleman. We don’t know what we would do without you!!

Roger and Melony Peverini